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Past Editions

The AICPC Composition Competition was established in the lead up to the 2nd edition of the Piano Competition (2AICPC14).

The aim of the AICPC Composition Competition is to encourage young and early career Australian composers to engage with the music of Chopin and create a wholly original, musically rich, and pianistically challenging work for piano. 


The winning piece is included as mandatory repertoire in the adult piano competition.

A piece of Chopin's music is chosen by the jury to act as source material for the inspiration of the new piece, and parameters are set for its use. In the first competition, the theme of the second Prelude (Op.28 No.2) was chosen and composers were asked to develop a piece based on the theme. For the second competition, Chopin's fugue was chosen (Op. ) and composers were give free reign to take any muscial element in the piece to act as their inspiration for the work.

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