Australian International Chopin Piano Competition
3rd edition 2017
Llewellyn Hall from Centre Stage at the ANU School of Music

1st Prize - $25,000
2nd Prize - $10,000
3rd Prize - $5,000

Alfons Karny bust of Chopin in profile facing left, the signature image of the AICPC

Welcome to the Australian International Chopin Piano Competition, Australia’s youngest international piano competition. Established in 2011, it is a triennial partnership between the Australian National University and its School of Music, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Australia, and the Friends of Chopin Australia. Like Australia, our competition covers a large and varied landscape; very much a traditional Chopin piano competition in repertoire and standards, we also seek to return to the 19th century ideals of interpretation and music making. Composition is also at the heart of our competition, bringing young pianists and composers together through our composition competition. Located in Canberra, the nation’s capital, we seek to bring the best of the world to Australia and the best of Australia to the world in celebration of this much cherished composer.